What Exactly is Virtual Hypnosis?

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 Hypnosis describes a naturally occurring state of mind that we all experience quite frequently whether by accident or by choice. During this state of physical and mental relaxation the critical factor of the conscious mind is set aside allowing the subconscious mind to be more receptive to positive suggestions given by a hypnotist. This allows physical and emotional challenges to be quickly addressed and resolved so that mind and body functions can be improved or renewed to usual activity.


Have You Tried It Yet? It Really Works!

Does Virtual Hypnosis Work?

The bottom line is that virtual hypnosis absolutely works. You do not need to attend an in-person session or be in the same room with your hypnotherapist  to gain the level of hypnosis needed to achieve optimal results.

Effective hypnotherapy requires a high level of focus. To attain the necessary mental state, you must rid your mind of distractions and focus entirely on the task at hand. Many patients actually find it easier to achieve this level of focus in their home rather than at an office. In an office, you are easily distracted by the unfamiliar surroundings  and background noises that can divert your attention. Also, you cannot ask the associates in the outer offices to be quiet during your session. You are already acutely familiar with your home surroundings and would be much more comfortable and able to focus at home. You can also request that anyone else present in your home be mindful of the scheduled hypnosis session you are about to undergo.

The Benefits of Virtual Hypnosis

While working with a hypnotist through a video screen or mobile phone may seem odd at first, it can deliver several key benefits. We spoke to several remote clients regarding what they liked most about their virtual hypnosis sessions. Below are the most common benefits of participating in our virtual hypnotherapy sessions.

Comfort and Relaxation

Hypnosis requires the type of focus you only get when you are comfortable. Remote hypnosis sessions allow you to participate from where you feel most secure, including your bed, home office, or even on vacation.

Additional Hypnotist Options

The key to getting the most of your hypnosis session is working with a hypnotist you feel comfortable with. Choosing virtual hypnotherapy means you get to select from a much larger pool of hypnotherapy providers worldwide, not just those located in your town.

Total Privacy

Most patients prefer to keep therapy sessions private, only revealing their need to deal with an issue with close family and friends. Virtual sessions allow you to focus solely on your therapy sessions.

More Affordable

Virtual sessions mean you can save money (and travel time) on gas and parking.


Many hypnotists will provide pre-recorded audio sessions that you can listen to on your own time rather than trying to squeeze an in-person session into your busy schedule.

Explore If Virtual Hypnosis Is Right For You

Virtual Hypnosis has worked for millions of people like yourself who suffer from one or more of the issues listed above. We here at Modern Day Hypnosis are confident it will work for you.

That is why we are offering a FREE 15-Minute Consultation with our Founder and licensed hypnotist, Lauren Hall. Lauren knows exactly what questions to ask to understand the issues you want to overcome and what program is right for you!

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