Virtual Hypnosis Sessions… Do They Really Work?

Virtual hypnosis seems to raise a lot of eyebrows as if it’s somehow less of an experience than being ‘hypnotized’ in person. We have been asked many times “Do Virtual Hypnosis Sessions Rally Work? The answer is hypnotism absolutely is as effective in-person as it is online.  

Many may assume that since they are not in-person their focus will be diverted making it difficult to experience being as “deep” as one would wish.  On the contrary, many of my clients have found there is no additional amount of focus needed during hypnosis virtually. In fact, some of them even prefer to have their session virtually. Whether in person, over the phone, or online using video chat you and your virtual hypnotist will be engaged in a two-way conversation and immersion of ideas. In live time, these ideas reroute neurological pathways to old triggers or behaviors which set the subconscious groundwork for more motivation to accomplish goals and see real results! 

Benefits of Virtual Hypnosis

When you work virtually with your hypnotist you not only save travel time and parking but you get to enjoy it from the comfort of your own environment.  Some have even done sessions while being passengers in a car (driver not having audio access of course!). The possibilities of where to participate during your online hypnotherapy session are endless. You choose to execute the session from the comfort of your sofa or your bed. You could be on the beach or in your peaceful backyard. Heck, if you could get WiFi while on the moon, you could do it there too! This means that hypnosis, and all the positive effects from it, are more accessible than you may have ever imagined!

In addition to your freedom, there are many other benefits of virtual hypnosis including:

  • Comfortability – In a way, this goes along with what we were just talking about. You can attend the session from anywhere you have an internet connection, including from your warm bed in your comfiest clothes with your furbaby at your feet. Set up your space in a way that works best for you!
  • More Hypnotist Options – By choosing virtual hypnotherapy gives you more choices as to which hypnotist you work with. Feeling comfortable with your hypnotist can make a big difference in whether the hypnotism works or not. If you are having difficulty finding someone you can be relaxed with, this gives you the opportunity to work with professional, certified hypnotists from all over the world; including Lauren!
  • Total Privacy – For some, being too embarrassed to visit in person may be what is holding you back from getting the help you need. With virtual sessions, you can use just the audio feature for more privacy thus allowing you to reach deep relaxation.
  • More Affordable – Seeing as how you will not have to cover the cost of gas to drive to and from your therapy session, you will be saving money on travel costs. This can add up to big savings depending on how far your commute is. 
  • Flexible – If you are like most, you probably have a very busy schedule. Many hypnotists will provide audio sessions that you can perform, giving you the flexibility to listen whenever you find the time, whether it’s on your lunch break or before you go to bed at night.

Try Virtual Hypnosis For A More Relaxed, Comfortable Session

We appreciate our clients who commute a very long way to work with Lauren at Modern Day Hypnosis, but at the same time, we understand that things have changed and you may not feel comfortable attending in person. If this is you, we recommend you give virtual hypnosis sessions a try! Lauren has true data from clients who have worked with her exclusively in-person and exclusively virtual PLUS those who have used both ways. Across the board, the experience and results have been said to feel the same. The results speak for themselves… VIRTUAL HYPNOSIS SESSIONS WORK!

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Have You Tried It Yet? It Really Works!