insomina and sleep problems solved by hypnosis


Hypnosis for Sleep Disorders

Hypnosis can help individuals fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and successfully reach deep, REM sleep. Hypnotism affects the brainwaves allowing you to reach a slow-wave sleep, considered to be the most restorative sleep for your brain because it allows you to process and reset from your day. Wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated using the help of an experienced, trusted hypnotist in the Greensboro, NC area.

Hypnosis helps you rewire certain patterns in your brain with the help of hypnotic suggestions which can make it easier to get a solid night of sleep. While you’re hypnotized, your mind is more open to the guidance and words of affirmation from your hypnotist. You have the power to make positive and lasting changes, resulting in the development of healthier sleep patterns.


Have You Tried It Yet? It Really Works!

Greensboro’s Leading Hypnotist - Sleep and Insomnia

Insomnia, sleepwalking, nightmares, and even sleep paralysis plague countless Americans every night. Without treatment and relief, sleeplessness can be a long-lasting and chronic issue. Instead of reaching for sleeping pills that you can become dependent on, hypnosis allows for a natural way to sleep all night long. Whether you’re struggling with a sleep disorder, or simply want a more restful night's sleep, consult with Lauren Hall of Modern Day Hypnosis in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hypnosis is a natural, long-lasting solution for sufferers of sleep disorders and can help give you the rest and relief you need.

Overcome Insomnia With A Trusted Greensboro Hypnotist

Modern Day Hypnosis specializes in sleep:

  • Insomnia
  • Restless sleep
  • Sleepwalking
  • Sleep paralysis
  • And more

For individuals waking up each morning feeling tired, impaired, or sluggish due to a lack of restful sleep, Modern Day Hypnosis in Greensboro provides a solution. After completing an average of 3-5 sessions, you will have the tools you need to successfully use self-hypnosis to fall asleep each night.

Finally Get A Good Night's Rest

Inadequate sleep and sleep disorders can lead to poor performance at work and school, and even negatively impact interpersonal relationships. Get started on better sleep and a healthier life with hypnosis for insomnia and other sleep disorders today.

Modern Day Hypnosis offers natural hypnosis services for those suffering from inadequate sleep. We offer in-person and online sessions in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the surrounding cities. We encourage you to contact us online or give us a call if you have any questions about hypnosis or the services we offer.


You may see an improvement in your sleep immediately after your session, feeling better rested is often a side effect from sessions of hypnosis. The amount of improvement varies from person to person. Usually sleep challenges can be resolved with anywhere from two to four sessions.

Sometimes clients will feel an instantaneous improvement, while others report a more gradual transition. Keep in mind that every session will make an effect, yet we refrain from offering guarantees of change. There is no need for ongoing treatment as hypnosis is not a long-term therapy but we do encourage your commitment to the process until you achieve results. Results are reliant on your participation in the process.

Yes! The goal of the practitioner is for the client to feel safe and secure throughout the session. At no point in your session will you ‘lose control’ of your mind - despite what you might’ve heard in popular culture. In over 200 years there has not been a single case of a person being harmed by hypnosis.

Absolutely! Technically speaking, all hypnosis is self-guided since any change that happens in the brain, body or mind is allowed through the client’s participation. Self-Applied hypnosis helps to change not only habits, but your overall sense of self i.e. self care and self confidence. If you are interested in learning more about Self-Applied hypnosis techniques, check out my training (insert link) and take control of your own mind!

Yes, many people turn to hypnosis in order to wean off of their sleep-aid medication. For many people, hypnosis is a preferable, natural alternative to taking this kind of medication.

There is no need to prepare for the session. Your presence and willingness to participate and follow instructions is enough! The idea here is to allow the practitioner to gently guide you through the session, in other words, there is no additional work needed on your end until after your session, when you might be given optional exercises to complete on your own.

For the best results, you might choose to define measurable goals, avoiding the use of terms like ‘good’ or ‘better’. For example, ‘I want to get 8 hours of sleep per night’.

For those who want to see a change in their sleep, hypnotherapy can be very effective. Hypnosis teaches the brain to access safer states of relaxation. You also can use triggers embedded during hypnosis which can be used again at times to support easy and deep sleep.

Yes, many clients come in for sleep issues and happen to have sleep apnea. In our sessions, we’ll work on quieting the mind and connecting to the body. This work results in more strength and agility for breathing and an inner sense of peace, which releases stress so that you don’t feel so fatigued.

Yes, hypnotherapy for sleep can be performed over the phone or on a video call. It’s just as effective virtually as it is in person. Plus, you get to dial in from anywhere and enjoy the comfort of your own space!

There are no side effects from hypnotherapy for sleep. Directly after your session you might feel a slight light-headedness that usually goes away after a few minutes. On the contrary, most people report feeling lighter and more serene for the first couple of days after their session.

Anyone who is willing and able can participate in hypnosis. There is no such thing as a person who cannot be hypnotized. Hypnosis is an ancient technique that transcends the clients level of intelligence, financial standing, lifestyle, etc. If a person can understand language, they can be hypnotized.

Yes, children love the hypnosis feeling and participate perfectly with following simple instructions for hypnosis guided imagery. The sleep talk hypnosis program is geared specifically for children.

No, you do not have to be in any certain state in your session. Hypnosis can happen in conversation, in a wakeful state or in a deep state of relaxation. There are no rules for your state of mind during hypnosis.

Yes you can drive directly after your session. You may feel more relaxed afterwards but you might also feel more energized and focused.

It is best to have a sense of privacy, even from family members. But if you feel absolutely dependent and can only be comfortable with an additional guest, this may be allowed by your hypnotist.

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