Previous and current clients speaking out about their success with hypnosis in all areas of their lives and careers.


"I have been feeling so amazing since seeing Lauren. She's so great at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any assistance in this department. I look forward to seeing her again. Thank you for helping me and in advance also as we continue our journey of feeling so much better."

Joycelyn Hendricks

"Working with Lauren has been an amazing experience. Since this was my first experience with hypnosis, I wasn't sure what to expect. At the first session, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She listened with great care and made sure that she understood what I was hoping to achieve. Lauren also draws on a wealth of knowledge that she generously shares. Her approach is positive, wholehearted, intuitive, and integrative. I definitely want to continue working with her and highly recommend her!"

Kathy K

"Lauren is awesome. I noticed huge improvements in daily bad habits that I've been trying to break for a while. I've never had really bad anxiety or anything, but I noticed after a couple sessions, going through the day just felt easier. Like I was a bit floaty. Less anxiety I didn't know that I was experiencing, if that makes sense. Just seems like my outlook as a whole has shifted in a more positive direction. Definitely recommend!"

Brian Siedenburg

"Lauren is helping me so much. Her deeply supportive and calming presence is both grounding and energizing. I feel subtle shifts inside myself that manifest tangible changes outside."

Bobbie Tornblom


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"This course taught by Lauren Hall has been life changing for me. Things have changed for me for the better. Through this program I have been able to apply the teachings of hypnosis to my everyday life. I feel like the teachings from this course helped me learn how to become in a good place. This has helped me change my mind and has made me a positive person and has given me confidence. This confidence allowed me to share the teachings from this course to others. I feel like this course is truly valuable and I would recommend this course to anyone"
-Ashley D


I absolutely love this training! 

As a medical professional I am always searching for continuing education classes that are going to benefit my connection and understanding of my patients and I feel this training did exactly that. The modules were super easy to work through and it was an enjoyable process with lots of different styles of learning which I appreciated. Hypnosis has had such an impact on my ability to better serve my patients and connect with them on a deeper level to help them change negative beliefs so they can change their story!"
Taylor W.


"Changed my life in the most incredible ways, and continues to!"
Ana B.


"Lauren has covered it all here! Everything you want to know about being a hypnotist and actually succeeding in the profession is right here in this course! With each recording, you can see and hear Lauren’s passion and desire in helping her students succeed by providing them actionable and practical value they can use right away. Whether you want to just know the basics and the history of hypnosis or actually start a rewarding career by helping others, with ongoing support, this is the course that will help you achieve your goals. What I like most about Modern Day Hypnosis is you’re not just another number. Lauren ensures she takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to break into the profession with the most meaningful impact. Lauren leads by example and the fact that she already has an established and thriving hypnosis practice proves this is a realistic avenue for anyone wanting to make a difference in the world."
-Troy B


"Can't believe how much I understand about the mind and how to make suggestions to it.  This has changed my life permanently."
-Karen F

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"Lauren is helping me so much. Her deeply supportive and calming presence is both grounding and energizing. I feel subtle shifts inside myself that manifest tangible changes outside."
Bobbie T.

"A great experience, very professional, straightforward and compassionate.. Excellent followup with broad spectrum support. Will return and highly recommend."
David M.

"Thank you Lauren for an amazing experience. My social skills and anxiety have been improving more and more each day. My journey continues one positive step after another."
Dallas G.

"Lauren has made a huge difference for me And my son. It was an honor to have met and worked with her. The results were incredible. Thank you"
Anita B.

"The experience was a positive one for me. I was looking for ways to overcome aspects of anxiety and depression. Her hypnosis certainly got me into a very relaxed state and the visualizations were powerful."
Rachel P.

"Lauren is wonderful. She is helping me learn to relax and enjoy a better night's sleep. She is thorough, kind, patient and a great listener. She takes the time to learn about her client's, their problems, needs and goals. You will be amazed at how great you feel after a session."
Melanie W.

"Lauren has helped me in so many ways to reach my aspirations. Whether through hypnosis, suggesting other therapies or talking through what's going on in my life. She is supportive, professional, and positive. A joy to work with and I would gladly recommend her to all of my friends!"
- Dani F.

"Lauren is amazing! I went into my hypnosis, not knowing what to expect or what I would get from it. Since my hypnosis, I have felt so confident in addressing issues with people and articulating my feelings. I cannot recommend Lauren enough!"
- Ashley N.

"I highly recommend Modern Day Hypnosis! Lauren Hall is a great listener and hypnotist. She also provides ideas and tools for continued success."
- Christine K.

"Lauren Hall is a professional at what she does, and she does it very well.  She is personable and friendly, and she makes her clients feel comfortable.  I can recommend her services unequivocally."
- Ann A.

"Wonderful session. Lauren is very informative and explains everything clearly.  I have quit smoking as a result!"
Jenny B.

"Ms. Hall was down to earth, very easy to talk with and the transition from interview to hypnosis was 'smooth' and unorchestrated.  Ms. Hall was extremely professional, empathetic and friendly."
Jay P.

"I've tried many different types of therapy, relaxation and meditation before.  The session with Lauren provided me with a sense of understanding and openness I have not felt before.  So excited for our next session."
Veronika M.

"Lauren is the absolute professional.  She seeks to truly understand her client's goals and works as a partner to help you achieve them.  She is very knowledgeable about the subject."
Ed K.

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