Perhaps by now, that weight loss resolution you made back in January is a distant memory filled with cobwebs. How can you get back to keeping the promise you made to stay healthy and lose weight? Hypnosis for weight loss may provide you with the answers you need to make wise choices and finally shed those extra pounds. While the medical research about hypnosis for weight loss is mixed, it is generally accepted as a helpful practice to include in an overall weight-loss program that also includes exercise and nutritional changes.

Some people may still think that being hypnotized is meant for comical entertainment and amusement for friends, but that is definitely not the case. Hypnosis is a healthy form of personal improvement that can be instrumental in behavior modification and help people make strong, positive shifts in their lives. While the misconception of hypnosis is trivial, health experts assert that this tool can improve more than your weight. Recently, studies have shown that hypnosis for weight loss may affect the metabolic proteins associated with appetite, which is good news for anyone’s weight loss plan. Through hypnosis, you’ll learn how to manage those detrimental cravings, and make positive changes to your lifestyle in the process.


Take a look at the success Georgia had with weight loss hypnosis. After a foot accident, Georgia unintentionally gained unwanted weight. Her desire to get back to her ideal weight lead her to seek the assistance of a hypnotherapist. Once Georgia started the hypnosis for weight loss program, she began to notice significant changes.

With the help of hypnotherapy, Georgia was able to implement different ways of thinking about food. She was able to make better dietary choices, and better listen and respond to her body’s cravings. Much to her delight, she also started to change her eating habits and lifestyle. Georgia committed to her plan of hypnosis sessions and embraced the changes in her life. While in the program, she regained her energy and self esteem. Georgia made significant changes to her nutritional habits without powder shakes or medications. Aside from losing the extra pounds, she decreased stress, improved her self image, and managed her weight successfully. Without her commitment to hypnotherapy, Georgia might not have seen these impressive results. As such, Modern Day Hypnosis recommends hypnosis for those who want to make a lifestyle change, not those simply looking for a quick fix to lose pounds.


Unlike self-help and do-it-yourself techniques, which rely completely on the individual, hypnosis for losing weight is best done with professional assistance. Likewise, health experts in the field recognize the signs of improvement you need or ways to modify your plan. Either way, a health hypnotist can guide you through the process of figuring out what emotions and past experiences may be tied to your current eating patterns. Besides having a personalized regimen, some medical experts suggest using hypnosis as a way to learn to pay attention to how you eat and what behaviors trigger specific emotional eating. While working through the program, you may want to consider how foods generate particular feelings. Those emotional eating areas are prime targets for behavior modification and can be worked through with hypnosis. In fact, Traci Stein, a hypnotherapist expert describes hypnosis as another helpful tool that can be used in the process of losing weight. During the hypnotic weight loss plan, you begin to develop greater self-awareness and awareness of what you eat as well as develop a better self image.


But is hypnotherapy for weight loss for everyone?

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At Modern Day Hypnosis, we strive to make your hypnosis plan is a success. With hypnosis sessions, you’ll be able to make changes in your mind to make conscious, healthy decisions. As research indicates, while you are in a hypnotic state, you are not in a trance that causes a loss of consciousness. You are aware of and in control of yourself during every moment of the session. We conduct sessions in a manner that ensures that you are in full control. Hypnosis is a therapeutic, relaxing technique to help you change behaviors so that you can make new, wise choices. There is no mind controlling, sleeping forever, or making you think you’re unaware of your surroundings. Our methods help people take control of their unhealthy behaviors.

When you’re in control of your eating habits and making positive changes in your life, you know you’re making the right decisions for yourself. At Modern Day Hypnosis, we support you in your choice to lead a happy, healthy life. Think about that promise you made to yourself to lose weight. Weight loss hypnosis can help you make better choices based on your weight loss goals. Continue to live a successful, assertive life with new strategies. At Modern Day Hypnosis, we want to show you the way to a happy you.


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