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Many people are not sure what to expect with hypnosis.  Let me assure you that hypnosis will feel very natural and familiar.

Many of us already experience this focused mental sensory state often throughout each day.  Mostly without even realizing we are communicating to our subconscious minds.    During the session I ask that you participate and follow instructions but is not necessary for you to consciously listen to or remember everything that is said.

The purpose of clinical hypnosis is to help you to experience a state of mental and physical relaxation.  You may feel a depth of peaceful focus and safety that you’ve never reached before.  You may even fall asleep during the session, which is perfectly fine, your ears never stop delivering stimuli to the brain.

My role as your Hypnotist will be to deliver suggestions directly to your subconscious mind, suggestions that will be accepted and acted upon easily without any effort from you.  These suggestions then, once reinforced, lend your subconscious mind a strategy and course of action that will lead to positive change in your life.

When a suggestion is placed into your subconscious you will automatically do activities without having to think about them. But don’t worry – your subconscious will protect your best interest and will not accept suggestions that are bad for you.  It wants you be happy and healthy and safe.

Each client’s experience is different, each treatment individualized.  Hypnosis is just one of many methods of therapy.  It can help in a wide variety of ways, for a vast number of behavioral and physical problems.  The most successful clients are those who commit to personal change and who take a stake in their therapeutic outcomes.  Hypnosis is not a magic wand but rather a state of mind you can be taught to enter whenever you need reinforcements to continuing improving your habitual choices and actions.  If you are trying to change because someone else wants you to lose weight or stop smoking, the chances are greatly reduced that hypnosis will work.

The subconscious mind is where all your beliefs are held.   When you allow your beliefs to be transformed you can totally transform your life.

Therapeutic Hypnosis has been practiced for thousands of years and the benefits are well known and documented.  The practice of hypnosis is a completely harmless and amazingly effective process which will enable you, to assist me, in helping you.

All sessions are individualized and you can participate in person with me on the couch or recliner, or virtually through FaceTime or Skype.  All that is necessary is that you can relax and not be disturbed.  I record each session and will email you an Mp3 link for the audio file.    With your permission I can monitor your heart rate variance using HeartMath technology to help you train in achieving coherence and total body synchronicity.  I’ll use a finger or ear sensor to receive biofeedback readings like pulse, blood pressure, and respiratory.

My pet dog Dylan, a 13 year old yorkie, is often in the office with me.  He is a non-shedding 6lb sweetheart but I will easily keep him away at request.


Have You Tried It Yet? It Really Works!

"I have been feeling so amazing since seeing Lauren. She's so great at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any assistance in this department. I look forward to seeing her again. Thank you for helping me and in advance also as we continue our journey of feeling so much better."

Joycelyn Hendricks

"Working with Lauren has been an amazing experience. Since this was my first experience with hypnosis, I wasn't sure what to expect. At the first session, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She listened with great care and made sure that she understood what I was hoping to achieve. Lauren also draws on a wealth of knowledge that she generously shares. Her approach is positive, wholehearted, intuitive, and integrative. I definitely want to continue working with her and highly recommend her!"

Kathy K

"Lauren is awesome. I noticed huge improvements in daily bad habits that I've been trying to break for a while. I've never had really bad anxiety or anything, but I noticed after a couple sessions, going through the day just felt easier. Like I was a bit floaty. Less anxiety I didn't know that I was experiencing, if that makes sense. Just seems like my outlook as a whole has shifted in a more positive direction. Definitely recommend!"

Brian Siedenburg

"Lauren is helping me so much. Her deeply supportive and calming presence is both grounding and energizing. I feel subtle shifts inside myself that manifest tangible changes outside."

Bobbie Tornblom

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