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Most people considering hypnosis have questions, here are some Hypnosis FAQs regarding hypnosis and what to expect during a session. If after reading you still have questions, feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that we all experience quite frequently whether by accident or by choice. During this state of physical and mental relaxation the critical factor of the conscious mind is set aside allowing the subconscious mind to be more receptive to positive suggestions given by a hypnotist. This allows physical and emotional challenges to be quickly addressed and resolved so that mind and body functions can be improved or renewed to usual activity.

What does a Hypnotist do during a hypnosis session?

The hypnotist uses a series of repeated directions to allow the client to achieve a deep state of relaxation. As you become more deeply relaxed the conscious mind is less active and the subconscious is free to explore challenging issues and to accept positive suggestions to improve mental and/or physical health challenges or eliminate negative behavior or habits.

Once a client has been lead into a hypnotic state the Hypnotist uses statements and positive suggestions that allow the subconscious mind to become stronger and more effective to deal with whatever challenges or behaviors the client is experiencing, wants to change, or eliminate.

What can Hypnosis do?

Hypnosis is highly effective in changing negative feelings and behaviors. It can eliminate unhealthy or destructive habits, improve physiological and physical health, provide solutions for physical challenges and increase an individual’s performance and sense of well-being.

How many sessions will I need?

The majority of challenges can be resolved in anywhere between one and four sessions on average. It does depend on how you respond and how challenging your situation is. Hypnosis is a rapid and brief therapeutic technique, and it recognizes that no one wants to invest hard earned money on a therapy any longer than needed. I always use techniques that I deem most appropriate and which enable you to achieve your desired results and move on as quickly as possible. Most people find other areas of their life they would like to work after they shift the initial pattern that was troubling them.

Can I address more than one issue in the same session?

I would have to say from experience, it depends. If the challenges are reasonable and closely related, then often we can address both issues in the same session, this saves both time and money. If, however, the issues are poles apart, then it can weaken the process and would be inadvisable, as the subconscious mind may get over-burdened, and then neither issue is addressed satisfactorily or resolved.

What can I do after the session?

I will also teach you techniques to use by yourself outside my consulting office, including self-hypnosis, which will be beneficial in assisting you reaching the goals that we set at the first session.

How do I know Hypnosis will work for me?

Anyone of normal or higher intelligence can be hypnotized. Even young or learning disabled children who are able to listen to a story being told are receptive to Hypnosis. Contrary to most beliefs, it is not necessary to be in a deep state of hypnosis in order to accomplish positive results. In fact, Clinical Hypnosis is quite different from the “stage hypnosis” that most people may be familiar with where people do things that are silly or embarrassing. Your hypnotist does not have “control of your mind” and you will not do anything that you would not choose to do on a conscious level.

How do I choose the right hypnotist?

It is very important that you feel completely comfortable with your Hypnotist. When you first call for information, if the Hypnotist is unavailable you should ask that they personally return your call to answer all your questions prior to your first appointment. This will assure you that the Hypnotist shares your philosophy of healing and recovery. Ascertain that the Hypnotist is well trained in your particular area of concern. Ask questions that are important to you, because your questions and beliefs are a vital part of your healing process.

Can I do hypnosis with a large group or listen to hypnosis recordings?

You may not receive the greatest degree of positive results with pre-recorded or generic type sessions that are intended for anyone with the same challenges or concerns. It is imperative that your hypnotist takes the time to establish what makes your challenge or situation unique in order for you to achieve the permanent changes and improvements that you desire.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Throughout your session you will be totally safe and secure. There is nothing that can possibly harm you in any way. In over 200 years there’s not been a single case of someone being injured by Hypnosis. You will experience the sensation of being calm and serene. You will be relaxed and focused. If at any time you want to end the session of hypnosis you can just do it by counting in your mind 1…2…3. Do not do hypnosis anywhere where being asleep would be a problem, like when driving or operating machinery.

Can you do Hypnosis over the phone?

Yes, you can effectively experience hypnosis over the phone. Some people choose to work together with me using Skype or via phone. With Skype we will be able to see each other before the hypnosis session starts or you can use your regular phone. The process is the same as if you were in the office; but you can call from anywhere in the world. You may want help overcoming fears, such as public speaking, weight loss, and pain management, sleep problems, help with your golf game and a host of other challenges. Generally, when you are in a hypnosis session, you have your eyes closed, so there is no reason not to have your session on the phone. However, unlike office setting you will be responsible for controlling your environment. To ensure effectiveness of the session please be sure to turn off all electronic devices prior to the session and prepare for limited interruptions. I recommend the first session be performed in office if possible so that you can become familiar to the process and level of deep relaxation you may experience.

Is there a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, there is a confidentiality agreement between client and hypnotist. I will not release any information to anyone without a written authorization from you, except as provided for by law. You have a right to be allowed access to my written record about you.

Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance and if I did you can most likely expect the insurance companies wouldn’t pay for Hypnosis. Think of my services as something that you will pay for personally, an investment for your health and happiness. The financial commitment will be a small price compared to finally and easily having the change you desire.


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