How Much Does Hypnosis Therapy Cost?

How Much Does Hypnosis Therapy Cost?Whether you are looking to invest in hypnosis sessions to quit smoking, lose weight, or manage your anxiety and depression, it is very likely you have one major question you need answered before you can actually undergo hypnosis, “how much does hypnosis cost?”. There isn’t really a straight answer to this. There are many factors that affect how much hypnotherapy can cost you all together, such as the number of sessions it takes to get the results you desire. At Modern Day Hypnosis, our pricing is based on the expertise and experience of the professional hypnotist conducting your hypnosis therapy session

How Much Does Hypnosis Cost per Session?

All sessions are usually between 60-90 minutes and will cost $199 per session.

How Many Sessions Will You Need to Attend to Achieve the Desired Result? 

This will vary from person to person. On average, my clients have achieved significant improvement within 2-3 sessions. I do ask that you keep in mind that there are no guarantees made to cure or treat your particular condition or circumstance. Some people are more open to hypnosis than others, meaning they may see results faster. Sometimes, clients will achieve their goal after 1 session. To give you a better idea of cost, you will find a breakdown of how many sessions that are typically required based on the different services offered at Modern Day Hypnosis below:

The number of sessions you might need will be discussed in your initial consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your specific case and what you hope to achieve through hypnosis. If you are looking to simply gauge how effective hypnosis can be for yourself, I always recommend at least 2-3 sessions to give it a fair chance of success. 

Although self-hypnosis is taught in your sessions so you can use it as a tool whenever you need, I recommend all of my clients participate in ongoing sessions to maintain your successful outcome. I believe everyone should experience hypnotherapy quarterly or every 6 weeks; annually at a minimum. Ongoing session costs can alter, as subsequent sessions have a tendency to be easier and shorter.

Is Hypnosis Covered By Health Insurance?

As the benefits of hypnotherapy are becoming more widely recognized, some health insurance companies will cover the cost of therapeutic hypnosis sessions. However, this usually depends on your plan and the insurance company itself. Today, more and more insurance companies are considering hypnosis medically necessary for treatment and management of chronic and acute pain. On the other hand, there are many medical insurance companies that believe hypnosis is simply an experimental form of therapy. For this reason, I always tell my clients to check with their insurance provider to determine if the hypnotherapy sessions would be covered. 

Currently, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost of hypnotherapy, nor do Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans. However, some well-known insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana may cover it. It never hurts to ask.

Invest In Giving Hypnosis A Chance

The hypnosis you see on stage is completely different from the hypnosis techniques used at Modern Day Hypnosis. The goal of the hypnosis is not to make you cluck and hop around like a chicken. Instead, the objective is to provide a therapeutic hypnosis session. Hypnotherapy will help you to recognize, acknowledge and resolve the thoughts which affect the feelings you have and altering the actions that result from those feelings. You can expect to experience changes in thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Click here to book your first session now.

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