Hypnosis for Confidence in Greensboro, NC

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Some of us talk to ourselves using an overly critical voice. Over time, this can become a habit that leads to self-doubt, a lack of confidence, and even low self-esteem. Our negative thought patterns and behaviors impact the way we live every single day. Unfortunately, for those who struggle with confidence and self-doubt, life can be a little more challenging than it would be otherwise.

Modern Day Hypnosis helps build your confidence and self-belief -- critical factors for conquering limiting behaviors. Learn how to change your mindset to overcome adversity and daily challenges with the help of Modern Day Hypnosis in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Get Control Over Your Inner Critic

Negative thought patterns can be tough to break, especially if we don’t seek assistance from professionals with proven experience. Lauren Hall, founder and owner of Modern Day Hypnosis, has been helping individuals with a wide variety of issues, including a lack of confidence. Since 2013, Modern Day Hypnosis has been changing lives and delivering long-lasting results with powerful mental imagery with the ability to change mental dialects.

To gain control over your inner critic and improve confidence, consult with Modern Day Hypnosis. Together we can identify where your pain points are and address them at the root through hypnosis. With regular hypnosis sessions, Lauren Hall can help you live a happier, more confident life.


Have You Tried It Yet? It Really Works!

Improve Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence With Hypnosis

Insecurity, low self-esteem, performance anxiety, and a lack of self-worth can stem from overwhelming negative thought loops. Some of us may play scenarios over and over in our minds, with each outcome resulting in the worst-case scenario. We prime ourselves to make decisions out of fear or doubt, instead of approaching conflict or problems with confidence. Many individuals who take advantage of the services offered by Modern Day Hypnosis see long-lasting results and feel more confident across several areas of their lives including:

  • At work
  • In social situations
  • Conquering fear of failure
  • During school or other forms of academic study
  • Romantic partnerships or platonic friendships
  • Public speaking fears
  • With authority figures such as bosses, parents, etc.

Hypnosis sessions for confidence can lead to results that can last a lifetime. Improve how you see yourself, how you live your life, and silence the inner critic who keeps you from being your best self. Alleviate your anxieties and boost your self-confidence using regular hypnosis sessions with Lauren Hall. Learn visualization and hypnosis techniques that you can take with you and use each and every day.

If you suffer from low self-esteem and lack confidence, it’s time to partner with Modern Day Hypnosis today. Overcome the doubts that surround certain areas of your life and start seeing results in as little as a few weeks.

Hypnosis Services

$250 up to 90 minutes

Hypnosis Session

  • Each private session includes a customized strategy to produce the most decided outcome.

Self Applied Transformation

Hypnosis Training

  • For anyone interested in taking hypnosis into their own hands, applying the techniques that accomplish lasting behavioral change, the Series One training is a life-time access and comprehensive compilation of materials. For anyone who has completed Series One and would like to be eligible to be certified, Series Two is available.

Highly Specialized Experience

Point of Progression

  • We’ll organize 3 virtual sessions with true masters of craft from all over the world, then conclude your transformation with 2 sessions of INTENSIVE QUANTUM HYPNOSIS. A premium investment in yourself.

The Modern Day Hypnosis Approach To Confidence

Some people may experience a lack of self-confidence in just one area of their life. Others may experience low self-esteem across multiple or even every aspect of life. Because we each experience confidence differently, it’s important to work with a hypnosis practitioner who tailors therapies for each individual and their unique circumstances.

Replace your subconscious fear that you might not be good enough with positive affirmations that tell us we are powerful, successful human beings. Hypnosis for confidence can motivate you and make you feel proud and accomplished. Strengthen and build confidence by focusing on your strengths. Visualize yourself with healthier thought patterns.

Some of the impacts of regular hypnosis sessions include a reduction of anxiety and increased confidence to face what otherwise may be overwhelming situations. Our goal is to empower you and help you build confidence in your ability to solve problems, face fears, and grow as an individual. Other goals of hypnosis for confidence may include:

  • Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones
  • Learning how to become more assertive
  • Allowing yourself to accept compliments
  • Letting go of things that may be causing you to be insecure
  • And more

Negative self-talk can sabotage the way we approach life and impact our outcomes. With the help of Modern Day Hypnosis, we can develop a positive self-image that radiates through all aspects of your daily life. Learn the skills and gain confidence in applying these techniques on your own, in the real world, for a healthier and happier life.

Our approach to hypnosis for confidence involves a multi-step method. Each new patient has the opportunity to schedule a discovery call with Lauren Hall herself. This is where you can ask questions in a safe, confidential environment to demystify hypnosis. She’s happy to answer any and all questions you may have about hypnosis, and hypnosis for confidence specifically, in order to shed light on how it can help you. Modern Day Hypnosis is designed to help you overcome your insecurities that affect the way you interpret and interact with your own life.

Hypnosis for Confidence in Greensboro, NC

Lauren Hall develops an individual strategy just for you and your challenges. Together, you and your hypnotist can decide on which coaching models and therapy techniques are most likely to work for you. Learn how to eliminate the emotional negativity that results from low self-esteem and cultivate a healthy sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

Hypnosis for confidence is one of the best ways to reprogram the subconscious mind to change your limiting beliefs and transform your life. The subconscious mind is most receptive to hypnotic suggestion, which is why we always start by relaxing and calming techniques during a session. Your hypnotist helps to induce deep relaxation, which is when you’ll likely enter into a trance-like state.

Once your mind is relaxed and open, your hypnotist can lead you through affirmations, visualizations, and other powerful hypnosis techniques. We can also teach you self-hypnosis. This is a useful tool to help you react if you find yourself repeating an unhelpful thought or behavior.

Patients can easily book appointments online in advance. Modern Day Hypnosis provides both in-person and virtual appointments. After you’ve developed a strategy, regularly schedule hypnosis for confidence appointments for long-lasting results. Some individuals start seeing results in as few as four weeks. Learn how to prepare for your first hypnosis session by reading our frequently asked questions!

Become more optimistic and gain more confidence with the help of Modern Day Hypnosis. We’re conveniently located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and proudly serve all surrounding areas. Contact us or book an appointment online today to get started on your path towards a more confident self.

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