Len Rosol

Len Rosol

Hi, I'm Len Rosol with GSO Hypnosis. I am a "real world" hypnotist, I don't deal with mysticism, eastern philosophies, or spirit guides... just helping your subconscious achieve change and help you. I am a general hypnotist, but I really excel in relationship issues and helping people resolve long term grief.

For relationship issues I have helped people lose interest in former lovers after a break up, change habits in a relationship (for example: how you view your partner is a habit, and I can help you view your partner as you did when you first fell in love), and build their confidence in themselves and their relationships.

With long term grief, we need to accept that grief is normal, but if it is keeping you from living a healthy, productive life a long time after the event, it may be because your subconscious mind and conscious mind are not in sync about the loss.  I have helped multiple clients to enjoy their memories of a loved one, without the pain associated with the loss.  Of course, I am happy to help you out on any other need for hypnosis such as insomnia, smoking cessation, getting through a problem, or many other issues.

EVENING and WEEKEND appointments only.

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