Modern Day Hypnosis Ambassador - Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall is heart-lead visionary ambitious about improving systems in literally all arenas for life, society, and the good of mother earth! Lauren doesn't see a broken world to fix. Instead she pictures mathematics of energy just continuing to explore potentials! Life is an ever evolving experience for energy…if you feel stuck or limited in any way you are hypnotized to believe that reality and can just as easily see new opportunities using hypnosis.

Lauren uses hypnosis practices to expand her mind, and the minds of clients, to see new and more supportive equations for life pleasure and harmony.

Lauren is an educator of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Performance Mental Coach.  She helps people all over the world to rewrite stories of mental blocks, challenges, or limitations so that they emotionally, and physically, begin experiencing increased health, happiness and flow.

Lauren has been operating Modern Day Hypnosis since 2013 and currently resides, beautifully, in North Carolina.

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