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Rewire your brain and change your behavior with professionally guided experiences of goal-oriented hypnosis.

Work with Professional Hypnosis Ambassadors

Ready to accomplish goals, change habits, remove triggers, or take your self-hypnosis practice to the next level?

Modern Day Hypnosis ambassadors are here to guide you through personalized sessions.

• Expert insights and tailored guidance as you explore the depths of your subconscious mind.

• Direct support available in person and through virtual or phone sessions.

Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall is heart-lead visionary ambitious about improving systems in literally all arenas for life, society, and the good of mother earth! Lauren doesn't see a broken world to fix. Instead she pictures mathematics of energy just continuing to explore potentials! Life is an ever evolving experience for energy…if you feel stuck or limited in any way you are hypnotized to believe that reality and can just as easily see new opportunities using hypnosis.  Click to read more

Len Rosol

Hi, I'm Len Rosol with GSO Hypnosis. I am a "real world" hypnotist, I don't deal with mysticism, eastern philosophies, or spirit guides... just helping your subconscious achieve change and help you. I am a general hypnotist, but I really excel in relationship issues and helping people resolve long term grief.  Click to read more

Katie Boulton

When it comes to matters of the mind, Katie has always been innately and insatiably curious. During her 20s, she began using the tools of hypnosis to help her overcome her own struggles with depression, addiction, and shame.  Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is an esthetician in Greensboro. Click to read more

Laiz Ricci

Laiz (Ly-ease) is a psychotherapist / hypnotherapist from Brazil with extensive training in regression hypnotherapy along with many other modalites to help each person enjoy their own unique and meaningful journey. Laiz loves to share ideas, and inspire and encourage others to reach their full potential. She invites you to walk this journey together!  Click to read more

two steps to become a hypnosis ambassador.

Are you passionate about self-hypnosis and want to share its benefits with others?

We provide you with the tools and guidance to harness greatness within yourself and others.

1. Learn self-applied hypnosis techniques

First, master the foundation of self-hypnosis techniques. These materials cover the entirety of hypnosis concepts and formulas.  Plus 20+ audios for specific hypnosis goals and 100s of scripts and templates.

2. Become a hypnosis ambassador

Second, dive deeper and practice hands-on techniques. Our training program equips you with the tools to guide others on their journey.

(Self-Hypnosis Techniques is prerequisite to Hypnosis Training )

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