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Hypnosis Near Me In Greensboro, NC

Modern Day Hypnosis has been helping people change their lives since 2013. Conveniently serving the Greensboro area from our downtown location in the Guilford Building at 301 South Elm Street. We can also work with national clients via virtual hypnosis sessions. Our mission is to help our community members achieve their goals. Modern Day Hypnosis helps clients live life to the fullest by learning how to train and strengthen their mind. We work together with them to cultivate positive mental communication skills, learn how to input imagery through hypnosis, and reach new levels of deep relaxation and focus. We have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

Trained hypnotist Lauren Hall is a member in good standing with The National Guild of Hypnotists and The American Alliance of Hypnotists. She has helped countless people in Greensboro, NC quit smoking cigarettes, alleviate symptoms of depression, lose weight, improve their business life, increase sports performance, find great relationships and create positive changes in their lives with real, long-lasting impacts. Modern Day Hypnosis uses the power of visual imagery and mental influence through hypnotic suggestion based on the client’s goals. A trained hypnotist delivers these suggestions to the subconscious mind which is more receptive in a hypnotic trance state. Individuals can then make positive, serious changes in their lives through this altered state of consciousness much easier than they would be able to otherwise.


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Local Hypnosis For Long-Lasting Results

Hypnotists facilitate your experience and suggest imagery, guiding you through your hypnosis. Clients always remain in control of their session and we adhere to very high ethical standards and only the best hypnotherapy practices. Each hypnotherapy session is individualized to focus on your goal and begins with mind and body relaxation techniques to induce you into a state of hypnosis. Lauren Hall offers in-person sessions at her Greensboro offices or virtual sessions through Skype and FaceTime depending on your preference. An mp3 file of your hypnosis session audio is sent to you following each session for your own peace of mind and security. To optimize results, we can discuss using your hypnosis session audio recordings to continue your therapy outside of our scheduled sessions. Our goal is to work with and help people overcoming limiting beliefs to change their mindset in meaningful, lasting ways.

Work With A Greensboro Hypnotist To Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, And More

While anyone can intentionally enter the natural state of hypnosis (also known as self hypnosis), being hypnotized by a professional has many benefits. We aim to fast track subjects into hypnotic trance induced by a trained hypnotist. Once a patient is deeply relaxed, we can visualize and start to positively change thought patterns in the brain. It is common for many individuals to fall asleep during hypnosis. Hypnotists can continue the session using guided imagery and the power of suggestion, even while the client is sleeping.

Modern Day Hypnosis offers a variety of services to help individuals regardless of their goal. We specialize in lifestyle design and give you a clearer mental image of what you want your future to look like. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, a hypnotist can help uncover the root of your challenges and ease your symptoms. For people struggling with smoking cessation or other drug addictions, hypnotherapy is likely a viable alternative therapy to help relieve the stress of quitting. Clients wrestling with sleep disorders and sleep-related challenges such as sleep paralysis, insomnia, and trouble falling asleep can find relief in hypnosis for more restful, deeper sleep.

Expectant mothers in Greensboro turn to our HypnoBirthing services for more enjoyable, relaxed, and easier childbirth experiences. Modern Day Hypnosis takes an integrative approach to hypnotherapy. Work with us to enhance your mind-body connection for better pain management and alleviate the discomfort that can occur during childbirth. Through visualization, meditation, mindfulness and imagery, we prepare families to have peaceful and comfortable deliveries at home or in a hospital.

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Fears and phobias, unconscious limiting beliefs, and lack of self confidence or low self-esteem are all obstacles to a healthier, happier life. Our Greensboro, NC hypnotist works to understand and uncover your life’s purpose through a hypnotic state. We help your conscious mind reinforce positive behaviors, let go of restrictive thoughts, and get closer to actualizing your goals.

Read our client testimonials to see how hypnotism has helped countless people in the Greensboro area. Get started today with a no-cost Discovery Call to find out more about Modern Day Hypnosis and how our services can help you. Together we can develop a personalized strategy session and get you real, long-lasting results.

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