How Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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Exercising alone may not be enough to achieve your weight loss goals. Emotions, belief systems and ingrained behaviors also influence how people lose weight. Some people may experience challenges such as cravings, stress, feelings of giving up, and other unpleasant emotions in their weight loss journey.

Approach these challenges with a deeper understanding of their roots using self-hypnosis. Using self-hypnosis, you’ll develop skills that help you lose weight by tapping into your subconscious mind. You’ll learn how to eliminate negative thoughts and habits that undermine your weight-loss journey – all on your own time.

Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Yes it Works!

Close your eyes and imagine your cravings going away, better yet, visualize yourself craving healthy, whole foods. Now, imagine knowing that these kinds of results are achievable through the use of self-hypnosis. Unlike hypnosis administered by a practitioner, self-hypnosis entails tapping into your own subconscious mind in order to change perception, break free from negative thought patterns and achieve goals. Specifically, self-hypnosis allows you to take control of your own mind in order to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Hypnosis for weight loss predates fad dieting, weight loss surgeries and calorie counting. Self-hypnosis is a sustainable, natural option for those who have tried other weight loss options with little success. Studies have revealed that people who practiced self-hypnosis lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t practice the technique.

How Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss Works

Self-hypnosis is a method for influencing perception at the subconscious level, leading to lasting change in the way we behave. You can use self-hypnosis to curb cravings, alter self-perception, end mindless eating, and introduce healthy eating patterns. Although losing weight may be challenging, you can train your mind to find balance and overcome the challenges. 

Self-Hypnosis Reduces Cravings

Self-hypnosis is particularly useful when addressing addictions – including addiction to food and other unhealthy behaviors associated with weight. Cravings and mindless eating are both behaviors that many people cannot seem to eliminate. Such behaviors might be rooted in areas of your mind that are inaccessible without the help of self-hypnosis. 

Methods such as visualization and imagery are extraordinarily helpful in addressing issues such as unhealthy cravings and eating habits. You’ll use techniques like these, along with others, in order to curb your own cravings, mindless eating and other unhealthy behaviors. 

Promotes Self-Belief and Motivation

Achieving any goal requires determination, motivation and confidence. As the saying goes, you achieve what you believe you can achieve. Everyone’s weight loss journey comes with challenges along the way. 

Self-hypnosis can help you mitigate these challenges with a fresh perspective and deeper understanding of your own beliefs and behaviors. If you find yourself in the same negative thought patterns with every attempt to lose weight, self-hypnosis can help you break free and move forward to a new outlook. 

Put Subconscious Emotional Conflicts to Rest

Self-hypnosis can help you resolve subconscious emotions that hinder you from achieving your weight loss goals. For instance, most people who want to lose weight have all the information they need, but still can’t seem to make it happen. It is important to understand that hidden emotions and beliefs may be leading to this mind-body disconnect.

Subconscious emotions and beliefs can stem from trauma, societal conditioning, or elsewhere. No matter the source, self-hypnosis can help you unwind and integrate unwanted behaviors. Gently addressing such emotions will allow you to slowly feel more whole and, thus, more prepared to take on the challenge of losing weight. 

Re-Wire Conditioning and Create Positive Beliefs

There’s no doubt about it – losing weight requires some sacrifice and discipline. It can be a challenge to let go of comfort foods, sugar and alcohol. And beginning a daily workout regimine comes with its own obstacles. What if you could tap into the most powerful part of your brain – the subconscious – in order to change how you perceive these challenges? Self-hypnosis allows you to do exactly that. 

In addition, self-hypnosis allows you to challenge some common misconceptions that limit people from losing weight. For example, the unfortunate societal belief that overweight people have less value might cause shame and stress in even the fittest of individuals! Self-hypnosis can help you confront this type of conditioning and allow you to develop a healthier, more balanced outlook on weight.

Complements Other Therapy Methods

Self-hypnosis can help you lose weight by complementing other therapy methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or working with a dietician. There is no need to worry when combining the use of self-hypnosis with other weight loss methods. In fact, the combination of several methods, such as staying active and eating a balanced diet, will give you a more holistic approach to your weight loss goals.   

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Benefits of Applying Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Learning to use self-hypnosis allows you to stay focused and motivated and use your innate skills to ensure you get to your ideal weight. A study found that a regular self-hypnosis practice was associated with a more significant weight loss among participants. The research also found that the practice improved the participants’ overall wellness and quality of life.

As such, other benefits of hypnosis for weight loss include improving a person’s overall health and reducing the risks for specific conditions. Some of these conditions may include the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Sleep apnea
  • High cholesterol

Another common benefit of self-hypnosis is a general day-to-day feeling of calm. A regular practice may reduce cortisol hormone levels related to stress responses in your body, leading to a decrease in anxiety and an increase in confidence. 

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals with Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is an effective method that you can use to lose weight, especially when combined with other methods like healthy eating and regular exercise. The practice allows you to focus and train your subconscious mind to move towards behaviors that allow you to lose weight.

Self-hypnosis is a proven method for weight loss, or in any case of needing to gain weight as hypnosis can also help with expanding your preference of foods like adding in more varieties of foods and overcoming symptoms of ARFID. If you’re ready to start your self-hypnosis journey, check out Self-Applied Hypnosis Techniques for all of the information and materials you’ll need. Explore hypnosis audios, scripts, quizzes, demonstrations and a detailed coursebook when you enroll. Your journey to a healthier connection with your body is a click away! Get started today and enjoy your results for a lifetime.

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