portrait of james braid, the father of modern hypnosis

How the Work of James Braid Changed the Course of Hypnosis

The practice of hypnosis has been a part of history for over two thousand years. With roots…

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5 Key Differences Between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the inner workings of your mind? The human mind is…

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What Are the Differences Between Hypnosis and Meditation?

Understanding the Differences Between Hypnosis and Meditation

What are the differences between hypnosis and meditation? Here is what you need to know about both hypnosis and meditation.

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Ways That Clinical Hypnosis Can Be Used to Heal the Body

6 Ways That Clinical Hypnosis Can be Used to Heal the Body

The body has a natural healing process that occurs when the mind relaxes. Here are some ways that clinical hypnosis can heal the body.

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woman on the couch during virtual hypnosis appointment

Debunking 6 Common Myths About Hypnotherapy

The widespread misconception of hypnotherapy is a sad reflection of this technique. Here are 6 common myths about hypnotherapy debunked.

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How Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Reach Your Goals

How Self-Hypnosis Works to Help You Reach Your Goals

How does self-hypnosis help you reach your goals? Here’s how self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool to reach your goals.

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scrabble letters spelling 'hypnosis'

The History of Hypnosis: From Ancient Times to the Modern World

Hypnosis has a long and fascinating history that predates even the modern world. Learn more about the history of hypnosis here.

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How Much Does Hypnosis Therapy Cost?

How Much Does Hypnosis Therapy Cost?Whether you are looking to invest in hypnosis sessions to quit smoking,…

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woman on computer for virtual hypnosis session

Virtual Hypnosis Sessions… Do They Really Work?

Virtual hypnosis seems to raise a lot of eyebrows as if it’s somehow less of an experience…

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woman using hypnosis with headphones on sofa

What is Hypnosis and Why Does it Work?

Hypnosis remains one of the oldest techniques used to treat conditions such as depression, fear, and anxiety….

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