Online Hypnosis Sessions



Modern Day Hypnosis offers online services to bring the benefits of hypnotherapy directly to you. Lauren Hall is a trained hypnotist who is effective at leading quality virtual therapy sessions. She makes sure you get the most from each appointment just as you would from an in-person visit. If you are ready to get relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety or you are looking to make a lifestyle change, you can see the results you want with regular hypnosis sessions.

Due to recent events concerning COVID-19, Modern Day Hypnosis is ensuring all of our clients have easy access to our hypnotherapy services. Now you can schedule an appointment for an online hypnotism session with us. Get the assistance you need without putting your health or safety at risk during these challenging times


Online hypnotism lets you take control of your therapy without the difficulty of scheduling an office visit. We have the easy solution to help you get the results you deserve with no sacrifice in quality. With online hypnosis, your appointments aren’t limited by your:

  • Physical Location
    • Business travel or vacation time no longer means sacrificing your hypnotism sessions
  • Busy Schedule
    • Schedules are full and work can run late. When you’re busy, there isn’t always enough time to make the drive
  • Transportation
    • Life happens, cars break down, and sometimes the bus is late
  • Preferences or Phobias
    • Seek relief even if you have phobias preventing you from leaving your home or driving

Lauren Hall only uses the best hypnosis techniques and tailors them to the unique needs of each client. Every hypnotherapy strategy and session is customized to fit you specifically and rewire subconscious behavioral patterns. Personalized online hypnotism helps give you the power to make positive and meaningful changes in your life. Now with real online hypnosis, you have the freedom to choose how and when you access these benefits.


Have You Tried It Yet? It Really Works!


Nearly all Modern Day Hypnosis services translate effectively to an online hypnotherapy experience. We will get you to a place of mental and physical relaxation then begin working on your goals, just as we do in person. We take your short-term and long-term goals seriously and put effort into each session to make sure it’s meaningful whether you’re in our office or online.

If you are suffering from sleep-related challenges such as insomnia, we can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and reach deep (slow-wave) sleep. Additionally, sleep hypnosis is beneficial for people who suffer from sleep paralysis and sleepwalking. Virtual lifestyle design hypnotism is available to help you build confidence and live an intentional life. Our lifestyle design services have helped countless clients gain insight into their own lives and see long-lasting results.

We also offer online hypnotism for anxiety and depression. Clients with these challenges may benefit from sessions focused on relief from their unique symptoms. For example, many people with depression have used hypnosis to reduce fatigue, increase motivation, and gain interest in activities they used to enjoy.


All you need for your session is a few things you likely already have. If you require special accommodations, be sure to contact us before your online hypnosis so we can make your experience as comfortable and easy as possible.

  • Skype installed on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device
  • Internet connection or mobile data if you plan to use your smart device
  • Headphones if you need extra privacy or prefer using them
  • Quiet, comfortable, and private space

Whether you have an existing hypnosis strategy or you are a new client looking to get started, Modern Day Hypnosis is here to help you get online from the comfort of your own home. If you have questions about online hypnosis sessions or don’t see a certain service listed, please contact us today.

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