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Harness the power of your mind with self-hypnosis techniques that produce real results and lasting transformation.

Unlock the limitless power of the mind and embark on a journey of growth and empowerment with self-hypnosis.

From conquering anxiety to boosting confidence, managing stress to enhancing focus, hypnosis empowers you to rewire your brain and unleash your potential.

Whether you are seeking to master self-hypnosis techniques for your own self-improvement or aspire to become a skilled hypnosis ambassador, we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to harness the greatness within yourself and others.

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Free hypnosis workshop

Are you new to hypnosis? Join our introductory workshop and discover the power of self-hypnosis for mental transformation.

• Learn the fundamentals of self-hypnosis.

• Gain practical techniques to apply in your daily life.

guided self-hypnosis

Work with a hypnosis ambassador

Ready to take your self-hypnosis practice to the next level? Our team of hypnosis ambassadors is here to guide you through personalized sessions.

• Personalized expert insights and tailored guidance.

• Receive support as you explore the depths of your subconscious mind.

facilitate self-hypnosis

Become a hypnosis ambassador

Are you passionate about hypnosis and want to share its benefits with others? Become an ambassador!

• Gain in-depth skills to facilitate powerful hypnosis experiences.

• Our self-hypnosis training program equips you with the tools to guide others on their journey.



I’m Lauren Hall, speaker, hypnotist, and life coach.

I started Modern Day Hypnosis in 2013 to help people design and achieve their greatest dreams.

I know life can be challenging but when you have the right perspective you can navigate your way to the top of any mountain.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for mental training that’s ever been discovered. I welcome you to try it for yourself and experience the joy, health, and inner peace that’s available to you.

Hypnosis Success Stories

“I noticed huge improvements in daily bad habits that I’ve been trying to break for a while. I’ve never had really bad anxiety or anything, but I noticed after a couple sessions, going through the day just felt easier. Like I was a bit floaty. Less anxiety I didn’t know that I was experiencing, if that makes sense. Just seems like my outlook as a whole has shifted in a more positive direction. Definitely recommend!”

- Brian Siedenburg,
Founder, Siedenburg Nutrition

“I feel subtle shifts inside myself that manifest tangible changes outside.”

- Bobbie Tornblom

“Working with Lauren has been an amazing experience. Since this was my first experience with hypnosis, I wasn’t sure what to expect. At the first session, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She listened with great care and made sure that she understood what I was hoping to achieve. Lauren also draws on a wealth of knowledge that she generously shares. Her approach is positive, wholehearted, intuitive, and integrative. I definitely want to continue working with her and highly recommend her!”

- Kathy K.

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