Making the decision to give up smoking can be one of the most significant life challenges you face. However, you don’t have to face it alone, Stop Smoking Hypnosis can make the difference.

Scheduling a hypnosis session can be one of the best decisions you could ever make. It’s a known fact that nicotine addiction is a dangerous and deadly habit. Stop Smoking Hypnosis increases the odds that you will quit smoking forever thus decreasing your chances of lung disease and other health risks associated with tobacco addiction.

Not every method of quitting smoking works for everyone and getting over the physical addiction can be difficult if not impossible for some people.

If nicotine gum, nicotine patches, lozenges, quitting cold turkey or other tobacco cessation techniques haven’t worked in the past, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. It may just mean it’s time to try an alternative method, like hypnosis services to help you quit smoking.

Before you decide to quit smoking using hypnotherapy, let’s dig into what exactly hypnosis is and what it can do for smokers.


Hypnosis is a trance state described by extreme suggestibility, relaxation, and increased imagination. The patient is alert the whole time, so they’re not asleep.

Think of it more like daydreaming. You are entirely aware, but you tune out everything else around you. You focus firmly on the subject at hand and block out almost any other thought.

The helpful suggestions people are given while they’re hypnotized are called “post-hypnotic suggestions” because they are anticipated to work after the person comes out of the trance and is no longer hypnotized.

Hypnotherapy is a very simple process, but no technique is better than the other because everyone’s brain works differently. First, you need to induce hypnosis. Try a confusional technique with someone talking to you in confusing ways or do something to make your eyes tired. For example, count to 100 and open your eyes to even numbers and close them on odd ones. This is a sure-fire way to make your eyes feel tired and heavy. Deep breathing and listening to quiet music are also good ways to transition into a deep hypnosis state quickly.


During a hypnosis session to help quit smoking, a patient is often asked to think of any unpleasant consequences of smoking. For example, the hypnotherapist might advise the patient that cigarette smoke smells like vinegar, or that smoking will leave the patient feeling itchy.

Hypnosis for smokers’ sessions usually follows these main points:

  • Smoking poisons your body
  • You need your body to live
  • You should respect your body and treat it like a temple

The hypnotherapist can also teach the smoker self-hypnosis, so he or she can recall these affirmations anytime they wish to smoke.


Start by practicing your breathing and visualization exercises, which will help you fall into a “trance,” or state of extreme relaxation.

Then repeat affirmations and things like, “I do not like the way I feel when I smoke,” or “I do not like how it smells on my clothes,” or any reasons to quit that will hopefully take root and change your behavior.

Allow yourself to relax and verbally guide yourself back to a hyper-responsive, hyper-attentive state where your unconscious mind can be better convinced to no longer enjoy smoking, or think it’s cool. Replace the harmful or unwanted thoughts with happy and healthy ones.


The American Cancer Society says controlled studies have not supported the effectiveness of hypnosis, but there is enough anecdotal evidence that it has been successful. However, for hypnosis to be successful as a way to stop smoking, the person has to believe in the therapist and be comfortable with being in a passive and impressionable mindset.

Many people are worried that hypnosis won’t work, but they forget to consider what might happen if it does. For most of us, smoking is about the habit and daily routine that comes with smoking.

If you don’t have the habit of smoking anymore, it’s going to feel strange. Before you try hypnosis to quit smoking, make sure you are ready to kick the habit and leave it behind. If you are not truly prepared to accept smoking as a part of your life that is in the past, hypnosis will not be a viable option for you until you are.

A research study from Science Daily found that “hypnosis was twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy with nicotine gum” and was determined to be “two times more effective than self-care methods, like reading self-help books or quitting cold turkey.”


Do you think it’s time to live the life of a non-smoker? Are you willing to take the plunge, no matter how silly you think being hypnotized sounds?

Contact Modern Day Hypnosis today, or whenever you’re ready to embrace your new smoke-free life. Change is good and being healthy is worth it—even if you arrive there by trying something you never thought you’d do. Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products such as chew or electronic cigarettes may seem like an excellent way to relieve stress at the moment, but they can quickly become a habit that can control and hinder your health and life.

My goal is to provide you with lasting results through the power of visual imagery and mental dialect so that you can reap the health benefits of stopping smoking.

During the session, we just help enable the experience and give you the imagery; however, you remain in control the whole time. Everyone can purposefully enter this natural mental state. If you wish to stop smoking and change your daily routine, I can help!

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